point of production

(Last updated on 04/05/23)

kitsune statue

Here is our monthly production point manuscript and video with Sephiyo:

Seven Deadly Sins License

Ban and Elaine: We are in the process of finalizing the last few shipments as well as the few after sales requests!

The sequel to Seven Deadly Sins: Merlin 3D has been approved while work continues on Escanor's.

Yu-Gi-Oh license

Kaiba: Production is underway and we are doing our best to deliver as soon as possible.

The sequel to Yu-Gi-Oh: It's quite possible that this will be the next pre-order 😁.

Dr. Stone License

Dr. Stone Suite: The project is in the works and we will be starting the painting stage soon.

Code Geass License

Zero & C.C.: Production is underway and we will have the corresponding photos soon.

Attack of the Titans license

Livai: We are processing the few SAVs as well while the final shipments continue.

Mikasa: Factory finalizes sample upgrade requests to start production right away.

Eren: Project currently on hold.

Hajime No Ippo License

Takamura: Thank you very much for your enthusiasm about our pre-order! We are already working on the next 3D sculpture.

Claymore License

Clare vs Rigaldo: The factory has just informed us that they have finished all the elements to finalize the sample. We will start the production right away to make sure we deliver these statues quickly.

Solo Leveling License

Sung and his Shadows: The factory has started production and we should deliver all the statues on time (September - October 2023) according to the factory's schedule.

Cha Hae-In: What can we say but a big THANK YOU for your trust and support. We are delighted that you like the statue.

Hokuto No Ken License

Toki: The production should arrive in the next few days. We will start the quality control at the same time to prepare the shipments afterwards.

The sequel of Hokuto No Ken: Kenshiro 3D sculpture is in the process of being approved and we are waiting for the next concept to return.

City Hunter License

Ryô Saeba: Our final adjustments are being finalized and we have already seen with the factory to prepare the sample.

Saeko Nogami: We are waiting for the final return of the 3D sculpture. No update since the last production point.

Hunter X Hunter License

Meruem: The factory has validated the schedule for the realization of Meruem's sample. So we will send the prototype right after the S3 event.

The sequel of Hunter x Hunter will be a statue of Gon whose 3D sculpture is already approved.
The third statue of the license will be Hisoka.

One Punch Man License

Boros: Here are some pictures of the sample which we are very happy with. We are finishing some details and the production will be launched soon.

The sequel of One Punch Man will be revealed soon!

Jujutsu Kaisen License

Yuji Vs Sukuna: We just got the final approval from the rights holders.b We are very proud that everything has been approved. So, we are working with our factory to prepare for the future pre-order.

Naruto Shippuden License

Pain vs Naruto: Production will start in the coming weeks.

Burn The Witch License:

XXX: The statue is ready and we are waiting for the final return of the rights holders to prepare the pre-order.

Print First 3D print made from the 3D file sent by our professional sculptor.

Sample factory product made from the prototype painted by a professional painter

White cast unpainted statue resulting from mass production

Have a good evening and thank you again for following us.

The Kitsune Statue Team